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Friday, May 1, 2009


I am going to enjoy the summer and when in sl have fun with friends.



Saturday, April 18, 2009

NEW: Muscle Rising @ Animation Rising

Animations Rising is very pleased to announce a new product range: Muscle Rising. The central product of this new range is the Ultimate Fitness Center.

Have you wanted to start a small public gym, or even set one up in your own home for yourself and your friends, but didn't have the prims and/or the space for all that equipment? If so, Muscle Rising - Ultimate Fitness Center is for you!

The core component of the Ultimate Fitness Center is the mat. That is all you need to have placed permanently.

Another great feature of MR is that it is modular, and expandable. Once you have the mat, you may then select from a variety of add-on packs, as suits your needs. An add-on pack will contain (for example) a few items of workout equipment, along with all the associated animations. Simply install the add-on using the installer device and you're ready to go!

MR makes use of the tried and tested MLPV2 system. This means that pose balls are NOT linked to equipment, so it is possible to adapt them to the height of your avatar.

The mat comes with all the scripts needed to run the unit, and with a set of 9 workout animations, all of which are done on the mat: crunches and thigh exercises. This gives you a starting point on which to build with the add-on packs. Create the gym YOU want, customized to your needs.

The exercises included are:

- Crunches, legs up crunches, twisting crunches, bicycling crunches.
- Work inner left thigh, inner right thigh, our left thigh, outer right thigh, stretch inner thighs.

Add-on packs will install more workout poses and possibly equipment as well, depending on the pack you select. Any equipment will rez-on-demand, and once you are finished using it, stopping the mat will derez the equipment, so your prim count stays low. And many add-ons also feature sizzling gay sex animations too - so after your heavy workout, take a break and play with a friend. ;-)

One of the add-ons is, we believe, a first for SL: muscle worship. The name speaks for itself. ;-)

So, come down to Animations Rising, head over to the Muscle Rising room, and try the mat for yourself. As of this writing, seven add-on packs are available. We also have an ULTRA mat, which comes with all seven add-ons pre-installed, at a huge price savings.

Wishing you well,

-- Island and Miro
Owners, Muscle Rising / Animations Rising

Friday, April 17, 2009

Top 10 countdown with DJ Romeo

Beyonce's "Diva" takes a hard fall out of the Top 10. She fell so hard that she did not even show up in the Top 25 that I keep track of each week. Mary Mary's hit single, "God In Me" fell out of the Top 10 as well, but only to #13.

Deadmau5's single, "Faxing Berlin" makes a nice jump from #11 last week to finally debut in the Top 10. Stonebridge pumps out another remix, this time for Dianne Wesley's rather unimpressible song, "Ecstasy" and debuts in the Top 10 this week. Remixes for Kelly Clarkson's "My Life Would Suck Without You" have been out for quite awhile now, but the very hot remix byChriss Ortega finally makes a move into the Top 10 this week.

Look for Solange to be #1 next week. I would like to see Jipsta's remake of George Michael's "I Want Your Sex" to move quicker up the charts, but he will probably not hit the coveted spot for another two weeks (if at all). He has yet to get past Anjulie, The Pussycat Dolls and the fast approaching Kelly Clarkson.

1 - 2 - Kristine W. - Love Is The Look (Ralphi Rosarioi K-Y Intrigue Club Mix)
2 - 3 - Solange - T.O.N.Y. (DJ Escape & Coluccio Remix)
3 - 4 - Anjulie - Boom (Mike Rizzo Funk Generation Club Mix)
4 - 7 - The Pussycat Dolls feat. Snoop Dogg - Bottle Pop (Moto Blanco Club Mix)
5 - 5 - Jipsta - I Want Your Sex (Alexander & Mark VDH Full Frontal Club Mix)
6 - 11 - Deadmau5 - Faxing Berlin (Original Mix)
7 - 1 - Nadia Ali - Love Story (Starkillers Remix)
8 - 6 - Lily Allen - The Fear (Stonebridge Club Mix)
9 - 13 - Kelly Clarkson - My Life Would Suck Without You (Chriss Ortega Club Mix)
10 - 12 - Dianna Wesley - Ecstasy (Stonebridge Club Mix)

by: DJ Romeo

Monday, April 13, 2009

Frolic Mills, THE BEST OF B.S

Update April 12th: Since this post so many people in the Media business have contacted inVd congratulating us on this post. We all have had the biggest laugh at Frolic Mills. Happy Easter

Ammon Pera

LOOSE LIPS? "Frolic has wanted desperately to carve a niche out for himself"source says. He will lie to have it. But advertisers don't want him to continue lying to them and over charging for ads that don't turn customer profits in the end. "Shattered dreams and empty pockets" are what new designers are claiming Frolic Mills has left them. But Frolic keeps insisting it would be a great opportunity. He told our inVd ghost many lies to raise his visibility tremendously and could be a spring board for only one thing - your money. "This is why Mr. Mills deals with ladies because they are gullible," insider said.

(Scenario)An inVd ghost this afternoon contacted Mr. Mills about advertising in the Best of SL. Our inVd ghost posed as a new business owner and wanted some information about advertising. Have a look at this conversation.
Click pics to enlarge.

We would love to anyone's input as to the logistic reality of having 17,000 kiosks in world and why do you need 16 servers? Please note our inVd ghost even tried correcting him by asking him did he mean 1700 and he replied back 17,000.

Next our inVd ghost asked him whats his monthly circulation and he wasn't very comfortable with disclosing this information. Why? We thought he may be on to us at this point but for 25k per ad our inVd ghost was persistent in finding out his circulation count. He finally said over 100,000 monthly. From our personal experience and speaking to other magazine owners this just seems bogus.

Mr. Mills mentioned in his editorial this month he wishes all magazines in world the best. But what fairness is there in the over-inflation of numbers when other magazine owners play it honestly? Food for thought - If there are 65,00-80,000 active online, this would mean nearly the entirety of SL. There may be 1 million accounts logged in during a 30-day period but this number is not unique log-ins. How many times do you log in a day - especially on a laggy day?

Before anyone screams sour grapes on our part, inV was alot of fun and very successful but we closed the in-world magazine because it was just becoming too much work and SL should be fun. We know the amount of effort it takes to do a monthly in-world magazine and have the utmost respect for those who continue to do this. But people should be aware of the demographics and statistics and not simply take everything at face value at least FLAMBOYANT FROLIC MILLS. In-world magazines can be an excellent way to advertise but don't just accept numbers without serious consideration. The best way to advertise is to diversify the media you are using to get your name out there.

Ask any magazine Editor in SL about these numbers and they'll all agree FROLIC YOUR ALL B.S.

inVd's top choice in magazines to advertise
contact in world Rusch Raymaker for info
contact in world Toko Voom for info
contact in world Leeza Catteneo for info

I personally chose to not write about the Frolic/Runway scandal because overwhelming emails are pouring to get the info at:

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Final Post On The Matter by Maggie Mahoney

For all the readers interested in the collapse/Runway/The Best of B.S scandal

"Frolic is Frolic - do I agree with his business practices - no - I never have and he knows that - it was not a secret." quoted from Maggie Mahoney.

I never personally knew Maggie but I wish her the very best and a speedy recovery.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

DJ Romeo, Friday 7-9@ Hot 'n Hung

Mary Mary takes a hard fall to barely stay in the Top 10 this week, while Brandy's "Long Distance" and Maroon 5's "Not Falling Apart" fall out of the Top 10 altogether. This week makes room for newcomers, Jipsta and The Pussycat Dolls.

Nadia Ali raced to the #1 spot overcoming a possible rebound by Lily Allen. The crown for #1 next week will be a tough fight between Solange and Kristine W. Both women have had #1 hits recently on the dance chart ("Sandcastle Disco" for Solange and "Never" for Kristine W.), so expect it to be a photo finish. Regardless of who gets it, they will both hold the top two spots next week.

1 - 3 - Nadia Ali - Love Story (Starkillers Remix)
2 - 5 - Kristine W. - Love Is The Look (Ralphi Rosarioi K-Y Intrigue Club Mix)
3 - 6 - Solange - T.O.N.Y. (DJ Escape & Coluccio Remix)
4 - 7 - Anjulie - Boom (Mike Rizzo Funk Generation Club Mix)
5 - 11 - Jipsta - I Want Your Sex (Alexander & Mark VDH Full Frontal Club Mix)
6 - 2 - Lily Allen - The Fear (Stonebridge Club Mix)
7 - 14 - The Pussycat Dolls feat. Snoop Dogg - Bottle Pop (Moto Blanco Club Mix)
8 - 8 - Beyonce - Diva (DJ Escape & Coluccio Main Mix)
9 - 1 - Mary Mary - God In Me (DJ Escape & Coluccio Mix)
10 - 4 - Jimmy D. Robinson presents Ceevox - In The Night (Kinky Roland Mix)

DJ Romeo Reardon - Fridays: 7pm @ Hot'n Hung next) (

countdown post by: Dj Romeo Reardon

Friday, April 10, 2009

A Hopping Good Time!

On April 10th, Hot 'N Hung held a Second Pride fund raising party. The fun began at 3pm slt with the very sexy DJ Larz. The sim maxed out very early on at 65-70. Contests galore, sploders and an Easter egg hunt! Weeeeeeee!!! While Larz was spinning the hottest tunes in SL, party goers searched the Hot 'N Hung sim on a wild Easter egg hunt. The eggs were filled with items donated by some of the best in Second Life, including Hot 'N Hung Resorts, Animations Rising, Tees that Teaze, Reardon Ember Designs, Rod's Clothiers, Sensual Man Art Gallery and our very own inV. All of the proceeds from the sales of the egg hunt went directly to Second Pride 2009.

The party continued into the night with the amazing DJ ARS. This man knows how to lay down the tunes. We were dancing to his beat for sure! There were so many sexy lil bunnies hopping on that dance floor it was hard to keep up.

Thanks to Fauxy Shepherd for putting on a fantastic event. Hot 'N Hung was the place to be to show your Easter Pride.

Big shout out to a few people I saw there
Angus Leitner
romeo Reardon
Soleil8 Andel
Unearth Graves
Jasmin Zabaleta
Regi Yifu
Achille Putzo
Fauxy Shepherd
Kiki DeVinna
Larz Beresford
DeadMoon Parx
Hershey Hagel
Zandar Razor
Scepter Sandalwood
Trayne Saunders
Jade Collins
Ludvig Bravin
Reice Shinn
Zorden Wingtips
Taylor2 Spyker
Jasmin Zabaleta
Trae Westland
sevenarts Dreamscape
Giovan Rexie
Daniel Nakamori
Maxime Kenin
Mikhail Tsarchon

If you haven't been to Hot n Hung your missing out.

Many Thanks to everyone in helping raise 15k for pride o9.

Happy Easter.

Post & Pics by Kiki DeVinna

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

De Huntsss..De Hunts...

Hola mi sexy aguacates...(Its a fruits you know!)

De Word For today is....


Caza...Jagd....Chasse...Whatever you speaks means de same

We Hunt for Fun..For de thrill of mebbe we finds something nice we no pays for with de linden dollars.

It is springs and is almost de Easters .. You sees I even wear my springs outfits..!

*slides one perfectecly manicured - dragon clawed hand along a curvaceous hip. Lime green mini skirt reaching.....almost the bright festive pink leopard print tank top hugs my midriff right above the big purple Easter egg belly ring that shimmers with bling*..

Cheetah turns again so you can see her seriously envied behind

You likes?...I finds it in de hunts...

Hiissssssssssssssssssss Hissssssssssssssssss

Of course you no likes Shit!

Cheetah hunted in two of her favorite stores for 3 hours to find this ugly things..Des stores Usually charge between 500-1000L per dress. And dey reward us who shop there..with this shit?

Dont des designers knows that what dey give out in de hunts is what peoples remembers dem by? If you never came to dis stores before is yous going to go judging what des horrible *gifts * are?

Your Cun*....has mades a lists for yous..anyone who has done de hunts will know it to be truths....but Cheetah hopes you designers will listen up and learn to quit giving de shits out just to get de traffic ins!

5 Tings You Knows you finds in every next great mindblowings, panty wettings *HUNT*

* 5. Belly rings dat is nada more than a circle prim and bling
* 4. LAG LAG LAG LAG (Did i says lag?) And More Lags!
* 2. De first crappy practice designs a designer can no sells
* 1. And de number uno ting you find in every hunt isssssssssssssssss
At least 10 Your-business-logo-here Tshirts , jeans, shorts, hats and everyting dey can possibly put dey name on..(as IF we ever would wears it on our sexy bodies?)

*Cheetah must give a spiteful Hisssssss at des horrible tings*

Nada we loves better all you big to do designers den spending 1 hour in de lag in you store to be given a * I Heart Clown Face Designs* Tshirt... or another * I cant make hair and have never tried til nows and i even give it to you in de worst possible color i can finds*..hairdo!

Oh Si..we run quick to buy de 1k dresses with dat gift!

Have some of de prides you big honcho stuff makers..yous is measured by whats the worlds sees you in. If I made bad ugly shits..I would no even wants the sexy peoples to even see it...sure would no be giving it to them as Giftssss*

With a gift alike these I see in all these hunts lately...I would rather just walk arounds as de ruth..

Ayeeeeeeeee papiiiii

Oh mi beautiful pinas...I hear you cries.. I hear you angers!..Your Cun* sees yous spending de hours tossing all des hunts tings in de trash..wasting even more of the boogie music dance time you coulds be having. Keeping only ones or two tings because dey was de nice tings.. (and Cheetah see you going to those stores and BUYING lots more). What..I hear so much..What?..

Another Lisssssst? (pronounced Leeeeest)

Oki OKi One mores..Cheetah needs to get the toenails bathed and de painted.

5 Tings You Can Do To Make De Next Big Shit Hunt ----Fun!!

**5. Take off yous hair and go in bikini or speedos so the lag does not kills you

**4. Make a news folders in de inventories call it.. * De 4 tings i keep from de 400 designer grid wide next shit hunt*

**3. Makes a gestures dat says.. *Quit asking me where the damned ting is find it youself lazy bitches* (works well for the Cun*)

*smiles sweetly*

**2. If the designer peoples let you build to open de it...especially if you have to find it
for 3 hours...if its shit...den leave it there as trash on der ground...Afteralls..Dey no care dey litter you inventory with de shit dey gives...Its only doing unto your neighbors as dey do unto yous..

**2. When you see de naked noob with his freebie pee pee out..walking arounds...(and you will)...give hims the name of someone you no like..and tell him dey a sex machine that needs his oil to make them purrrrrr

***1. De numbers uno ting you can do to have fun on a shit hunt wif yer amigos is....
Hunt with a small groups of peoples, den before moving to de next place, make each person in you group put someting on from the last de have some crazy tings on..some great pictures...a sores belly from de laughings and it no hurt as much to dump 10 hours of shits in de trash..

*Cheetah takes a full bow for you sexy kumquats, then snaps her upper half back up, shakes her long luxurious raven hair to fall in place and gives you a full lip glossed bedroom her long laquered dragon claw nails snap softly..just once ..upon the pads of her fingers*

(dat i calls de bends..and snaps- gets de mens every times !)

Now I must go..Cheetah be too long in de boxes here...I see 4 Easter hunts dat say they are of in the wholeeeeeee worlds.....Who wants to go hunting wif de Cheetah? *

Besos Besos..Muah Muah...Cun* loves you all!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

I is Arrived !!!!!!


*hisssss Hissssss * (pronounced Heeees Heees)

Hola my Sweet n sassy kumquats.. Cuntchitah is here for yous and does Chita have the dishy soaps for you!.. Ai Papiiiiiiiii..

I was at the Mr. Virtual World Preview yesterday. I zoomed in to see all the beefycakes that was suppose to bes the best beef in All of Sl and what does Chita see?...I sees ugly Mens.. I mean mens dat didint even have no bulge! Nada! Bad bad hair..lookie like a scarecrows from dat alice girl trampin over the rainbows. Skeeen? what deed the skeeen looks alike, Ms Chitahhh?..the skeeen look like dey all shop at Trolls R Us. Can Anyone say Biff..Brad and Benito?..

I say to my self..Chitah?..You means we must sits in dis huge ass theatre dat just smiles at you every time you enter with the sick threat of crashing...zoom in all the way til our sore little grafie cards smoke..just to see dis!..Is dees is da bestest of the SL..then take me to Cuba..Chitah rather look at the cucarachas..

Best of Second Life.....Blah......

I loves you alls my kumquats!...I is Chitah....da one u love to hate..and my claws ..dey is ready to up!!!...(and ill keep the dirty litter under them too!).But my besos, dey is much sweeter...

JUST FOR HIM, 1 year anniversary

April 25, 2009 12pm sl time
Just For Him Plaza has survived already more than a year in the industry and we are going to celebrate with our new collection event with a party and contest to the best men's wear. each contestant will be wearing one outfit from the JFH designer Ralexander Alvord. The winner will have 1000 linden gift card to shop at our location and 1000 lindens in cash. for further information please come and get application or contact Ralexander Alvord for further information.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Easter Pride@ Hot n Hung

Hot ‘n Hung Beach Resort Presents
Second Pride 2009 Benefit and Easter Party

Date: Friday, April 10th (Good Friday)
Time: 3pm to 9pm slt

Entertainment by:
DJ Larz Beresford - 3pm
DJ Ars Northmead - 6pm

Easter egg hunt for eggs with fantastic prizes inside
(Hidden eggs will be for sale, all monies benefitting Second Pride 2009)

2 - Easter themed 2500L$ costume contests
2 - 5000L$ sploaders


Life is never dull around Bonnie Revnik! A group of men stormed her boutique late last night and threatened her with guns, she's telling pals.

The single/female designer of Revniks insists the men demanded and threatened her to show the new collection to their girlfriends, claiming the men had guns, sources say.

"Bonnie threw a fit, ordered them to leave and threatened to call Jason Feingold," said source.

"She claims there were about nine of them and she thought they were Italian mafia- types and shoved a gun to her chest and were screaming at her to get on the floor.

"Bonnie eventually said OK and talked sexy with the men convincing them it was a misunderstanding and she would be delighted to show their girlfiends the new collection. Eventually they laughed and opened some champagne and cavier. She sold a reportedly 125,000 in sales to the mafia beauties last evening and she welcomed them back anytime minus the guns." said source.

A rep Of designer Bonnie did not return inVd's IMs regarding the bizarre episode.

This story is fictional but Revniks is her shop in Second Life. She is self taught designer after weeks of in world gimp classes and it's amazing the beautiful designs she is creating now for big names. Ladies make sure to support new talent and show your support. Brava Bonnie.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Exclusive Designer hunt

All through April the top designers in second life are providing free gifts for you to find! Tp to CDD to pick up the information to join!! how fast can u find them all??

The hunt begins on the 1st April! Tell your friends! These gifts are exclusive to this hunt and will not be sold or seen anywhere else.

Brought to you by Fierce Designs

Lamborghini dads

JUST 2 weeks after the birth of their beautiful son, Adonis Lubitsch and boyfriend Trace17 Junkers/owner of Tainted Boys/mall/condos & the Greenhouse are locked into a new baby battle. Adonis wants to adopt another-but partner Trace says NO-WAY!

When the Slebrity couple became parents to little Jan this past month, Adonis and Trace were "overjoyed" that their dream of becoming fathers had finally come true, an insider told inVd.

But only 2 weeks later things have changed. Adonis wants to adopt another baby. Trace doesn't want to push his nerves with another baby so soon. Adonis-however is pressuring Trace, says the insider. Adonis even sweetened the deal for Trace with a brand new custom Lamborghini. "Who says you can't have it all" Adonis told inVd. Say good bye to the term soccer moms because the Lamborghini dads have arrived.

Congrats to Adonis and Trace on the arivial of little Jan.

Contact Adonis Lubitsch or Trace17 Junkers for info on residential rentals and mall space

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Club ran by third lives

SCANDAL BREWING: with overwhelming concerned emails about a nightclub that has emerged within the gay community our inVd investigating team has been out investigating in full force. "We've been all over these people and they have no clue" the inVd investigating team said followed by a giggle. A friend of one of the club owners confided to a close pal this past week: "We started a club with our alts." and sent the chat snapshot to invmagazine. The gay community won't know about our past unethical dealings if we don't attach our original names to the establishment" a insider told inVd. inVd will not mention the club under investigation at this time while we are still continuing our ongoing investigation.

I will not answer any IMs or emails concerning this investigation until after our post. Thank you

Thursday, March 26, 2009

It's Always Better at the Top: SkyRanch

There are places in SL that become synonymous with good times and SkyRanch is just such a place. What started out as a really novel idea has become an integral part of SL nightlife and community. Clubs in SL can seem a dime a dozen, but SkyRanch is among those that have carved out a niche for themselves. SkyRanch’s success is due to its friendly staff and crowds, fantastic music and amazing environment. Of course, behind any success is a talented and devoted individual. For SkyRanch that individual is club owner Thorn Andel. We were fortunate to get this busy guy to slow down for a bit to tell us about his spectacular venue.

inVd: How would you describe SkyRanch?
Thorn Andel: It’s a carnival up here at SkyRanch. I guess the concept is simple really...a friendly place to have a great time; a cornucopia of sight and sound if you will. LOL. But from the beginning Sky has always pushed the boundaries of Second Life

inVd: How did you come up with the name Sky Ranch?
Thorn Andel: The “SkyRanch” part comes from an old sci-fi movie I saw as a kid…something about Space Cowboys.We have been pushing the boundaries it all the time. In fact, we did the TV or Video thing last year. We have had SL's largest profile pic taker jumbo tron. (LOL. People complained about lag ...We will be doing more of that.) Our Top dance floor is at SL's highest. The one I had at 25,000 meters was returned recently "off world." We have what is likely one of SL’s largest “Glory Holes”. LOL. That’s keeping the cyber night life hopping and we have so much more in the works.

inVd: What advice do you have for those of us with slower computers or less graphics abilities to avoid the lag…besides buying a decent computer. LOL.
Thorn Andel: Well, removing one’s hud is a place to start. Our sim actually has less lag then most. We carefully watch the amount of scripts as well as monitor lag.

inVd: What was the best event you had so far? Does the club participate in any of the nonprofit events such as Relay for Life or Pride in Second Life?
Thorn Andel: Oh sure. We promote the worthy causes and yes we will have a great “Pride” event.One of our proudest events was last year on the 10th Anniversary of the death of Matthew Shepard. SkyRanch raised 50,000 L$ for the foundation.

inVd: Is there a philosophy behind Skyranch? And when is your next event?
Thorn Andel: Our philosophy is “Just be yourself and have fun.”Our next big event is the grand Opening of our New Location.

inVd: Can you give any hints at what’s in store at your new location?
Thorn Andel: Oh sure...bigger, faster, stronger, ‘badder’.... We are bring back the Giant Bucking Cock Ride. LOL. The new lounge has a more edgy look and feel.

inVd: I know everyone is excited about the grand opening. Is there anything else would you like the readers to know?
Thorn Andel: I hope everyone comes up for the experience and returns because they enjoyed themselves.

Tadd, Miguel and the whole SkyRanch crew are really pulling all stops to bring you something unexpected and always exciting up where the air is as thin as the clothing you’ll be dropping on the dance floor. SkyRanch is a fantastic place to enjoy some of the hottest music in SL while you enjoy dancing with friends and making new ones.

Weekly schedule

Monday DJ Andrey 7/9 slt
Tuesday DJ Juxy 7/9 slt
Wednesday DJ Rocket 7/9 slt
Thursday DJ Anjey 'Live' 8/10 slt
Friday DJ MC Hotboy 7/9 slt
Friday DJ Alma 'Live from Greece' 12am slt

Monday, March 23, 2009

NEW RELEASE: Le Jardin Rustiqué

Maxwell Graf is very pleased to announce the latest release: The Rustic Garden Kit. This kit contains a plethora of sculpted and distinctly textured items for creating walls, formal gardens, entryways, fences and rock landscaping on your land. All of the parts are designed specifically to match the houses and sculpty pack items also sold at Rustica, to allow for a matched layout of your own design!

It is available from the vendor at

Goodbye from Cracker

Greetings Everyone,

As many of you know, the economic times are not just tough around the world. Las Vegas has been especially hard hit. Unemployment has skyrocketed in this town and it is now over 10% and it is still rising. Major Hotels and Casinos have fallen on extremely tough times and I'm sure you will see many of them start to go bankrupt in the next few days and weeks. After talking to my boss on the phone last night, it is painfully apparent that I will also be losing my job in the next couple of days. There simply isn't the economic structure to support the business that I am in during these times.

I have obtained a form of employment that should keep food on the plate, for awhile anyway. However, sacrifices must be made and the choices are difficult. I have decided to have Cable TV, High Speed Internet Service and the Telephone in my house all disconnected. I will keep my cell phone. The savings will be 50-60/week and that, in essence, is my monthly car payment.

I have made many friends here and have grown very close to some. I hope that this time away will be short, but I know that things move fast in SL and everyone will move on quickly.

I am calling to have my services disconnected this morning. I don't know exactly how long it will take them to get around to turning it off, so I am saying goodbye now. It was fun, but it's now time to deal with the Real World and its cold, hard facts.

Bye bye,

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Concrete Flowers

For the weird and outrageous you MUST visit Concrete Flowers. From a pierced cuddle pecker to a rainbow cock lolly to suck on, this store has it all. clothing you say? YES!! Hair?? YESSSSSSS!!! Don't be alarmed by the crawling ants or the Assmuds at your feet. Concrete Flowers has everything to put a smile on your face. Including a t-shirt pointing to your lucsious manhood. Talk about an evil grin! Come on stud muffins join me at Concrete Flowers. I might even share my banana with YOU!

Post by: Kiki DeVinna


Finally the Zooby baby has arrived. The stork dropped off this little bundle of joy for us to try today.

The baby comes with 8 different outfits, 2 PJ options for boys and girls and 4 t-shirt as well as a option that has just the diaper.

There are accessories and sounds. You can rez the baby on the ground and have it interact with the toys that come with it. A crib is available and your baby does sleep and play in it.

The AO has male and female options you can hold, bottlefeed and breastfeed.

Even though the Zooby baby is not transferable there is a baby for your partner.

Carrie Tatsu/creator and owner of Zooby's pets and now babies is meticulous right down to the smallest details, nothing compares to Zooby's.">

Post by: Cole Sirnah

Saturday, March 21, 2009

PUPPET Rawly Rousselot, Case closed

I SMELL SH*T! The Notorious Puppet Rawly Rousselot to Ginacarlo Takacs/Kmadd reportely had multiple orgasms when he received this notecard this past week. Compelled Rousselot just couldn't resist posting about it in following days. "O M G! "I need to get right on this, I see Maddox's name on it" out of breath Rousselot shouts. "You would have thought the world was crashing down the way he over reacted by a notecard" a insider said. It's a game dude.

This is the note card we both received:

[16:30] Ivy Spore: I will be bigger than Ajay. For right now I will just use him to get what I can.
[16:30] Aribella Dinzeo: Baby you are brilliant. You are the best already.
[16:30] Ivy Spore: Ajay is an idiot. I am so good at making everyone like me. Stealing shapes piece of cake with your help.
[16:31] Aribella Dinzeo: Awwws I love you! No matter what people say I will love you forever. He must be dumb to call his store Zoobong and the store Shiki fugly name.
[16:33] Aribella Dinzeo: Did you crash?
[16:33] Ivy Spore: Sorry love I was just reading InVd, the blog by Ammon. Ammon should have a sign dumbass on his forehead. Yeah the store names are dumb; I could have come up with better names. Well now that I am with Shiki I will find a way to get rid of Jura I think I will persuade Shinichi lol. I persuaded Maddox so I can persuade any of these people. They are so beneath me.
[16:34] Aribella Dinzeo: We are going to make a great team on our own. We should steal some of Juicy’s shapes. I hate her she thinks she is so all that. I would love to make money off of her creations and watch her cry
[16:33] Ivy Spore: I did steal Kmadd and Redgrave shapes, so it will be simple to take Juicy’s shapes. Whatever makes you happy baby!
[16:36] Aribella Dinzeo: Brb cuteness

Notecard 101: they can be altered.

I personally contacted the people in the note card and the sender of the note card for a snapshot of the the same IM and it couldn't be produced. I also spoke to Maddox the following day in great detail and he agreed that note card could have been easily altered.


I 100% don't support content theft in anyway but I also don't support in slandering someones name based on a notecard.

"WIPE MY ASS" Giancarlo shouts. "Yes Giancarlo" Rawly said.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Giancarlo Takacs, RIDICULED AGIAN

GIANCARLO TAKACS has outraged inVd readers and ignited a yet another scandal for himself. The now infamous Costa Porn blog which is sending laughter around the grid is seen as a mere publicity stunt from the Costa Camp. Once it was noticed and had taken a tail spin the Obsessed Costa Rica Executive Rawly Rousselot Panicked and blamed inVd. inVd had no afflilation to the Costa Porn Blog. The repeat pattern of behavior seems to run in yearly cycles for the Costa Rica Executive. Last year at this time Takacs created a scandal saying Pride 08 was a fraud that outraged the gay community. It was a huge humilation and blow to his ego for Takacs when people started talking and he was being banned from reputable gay establishments. Rawly Rousselot/puppet to Giancarlo Takacs jumped in to try saving his failing reputation. Takacs reputation has never fully recovered and will do anything to save it these days. "Second life is all he has and plays like it's his rl" an insider said. This evening we have contacted some of the past Pride 08 committee and they agreed to publically come forward to tell their side of the scandal and corrupt actions linked to the CEO of Costa Rica Sims.

Pride is a wonderful time for the gay community to come together and make a difference. inVd hopes you take part in Pride 09 and donate as much as you can.

Thanks for all the emails. We at inVd never take ourselves to serious and laugh at everything. It's Second life, meaning it's secondary to us. If second life wasn't fun why would we be here.
viewer discretion is advised
You just can't make this stuff up

COSTA RICA MELTDOWN-ratings & porno sink to new lows

The Costa Rica Sims apparently is in free fall-and have no choice to turn to the porn industry. We at inVd heard about this today and we are all in shock. The recession is causing Takacs to take less tasteful opportunities these days. Takacs is in desperate times and will take desperate measures" a insider said. "What would he do all day if it wasn't for sl" an ex Costa Rica Sims tenant said. "He lost reality and spends his days looking a pixel trees" another ex Costa Rica Sims Tenant said. Apparently the Costa porn is his last ditch effort. Rawly Rousselot is an absolute panic! The third world sim master builder is turning to master bater/puppet in these struggling times. He can't admit the decline in sales is part his fault and is gone on a rampage blaming everyone but himself, an insider said. Takacs told Rousselot that if they did porn it would bolster the Costa sales "just because people dislike us and our land is too expensive people love porn". What next 1 900 Costa Retard Sims 4.95 a min.

I am shocked at what they would do for a bit of publicity and their usual blame game at inVd. It's not difficult to figure out. Everyone knows you need my name for hits. Giancarlo and Rawly you gave us all a great laugh this Friday. Thanks again to the Vip that sent in this parody picture. It would look fabulous on the Porn blog.

inVd had no affiliation with the porn blog

Emails are blasting in over this post and I will be publically answering some them on the blog in the next few days.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

SL is in a recession

The recession has hit many of our budgets hard this year. We have seen many sl suicides during these struggling times. We are are scaling back on shopping and land purchasing in SL and getting back to basics. Second Life for most of us fits into the entertainment category. That's usually where we cut first. People are now finding alternative ways to have fun. I recently did poll and found that almost 90% of the people I have spoken to have made drastic cuts in their SL spending. They also said though that they enjoyed the their second lives much more now and see them in a much more positive way.

Not having the money to spend has meant learning to build and do things we normally might have bought or to spend more time exploring than shopping. At the same time compared to alot of other RL activities, SL can be a an inexpensive way to have lots of fun. After all, it doesn't cost a dime to cyber. :)

One reader told me, "We sold our land and we rent now". His partner added, "We found we didn't use our home enough to keep paying the tier each month and we find renting a condo is much better for us".

As many of you know I am under contract until Dec.09 so the economy hasn't hurt me but I've been out supporting stores and donating to my favorite clubs more in these struggling times. Whatever you can give it is greatly appreciated and it all adds up. You can also join the group of your favorite designer. Many of them are runnng specials for their group members. It's a great way to stay in fashion and still save some lindens. Most of all, start exploring. You may find some fantastic new stores that is just starting out and often that means offering specials or lower prices to build their business.

Let's all work together to keep all our favorite places going and support the continued growth of our creative communities.

A definite must have

inVd recommends more sex during the recession and we highly reccommend the Porn bracelet and Porn shower for the active man for countless hours of enjoyment. Men not included with purchase.

#2 Update: Eddi Haskell admits he lied

Shortly running our second post UPDATE: EDDI HASKELL ATTACKS A U.S. VETERAN we are happy to report Haskell finally apologizes and has retracted all the slanderous lying comments made on the other blog. People are asking why (54) Eddi lied? I am not a psychiatrist. If I was I'd be offering pro bono therapy to Eddi.

inVd is very happy to have reported and followed through with updates on Doc's behalf.

Mission Accomplished
*snap* *snap*

Lets get back to some Fun on the Fly

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


UPDATE: EDDI HASKELL ATTACKS A U.S. VETERAN something went on behind the scenes or should we say didn't. Following the post Doc gave Eddi time to clear the untruths and of course Eddi didn't respond. Then Doc decided to IM Eddi himself but Mr. Haskell still didn't respond to his publicly slanderous lies in another blog against Mr. Spad. This is the prime example of type of venomous character that is behind the avatar Eddi Haskell. inVd managed to get the personal IM sent to Eddi Haskell form Doc Spad following our post.

Original IM sent by Doc Spad : Eddie, just had to IM said some pretty nasty ass things about me...(or so they say)....I'm a "meat and potatoes" kind of guy in I am here... the part that really got under my skin was you're questioning who I was in RL...and you challenged my honesty...that cut like a knife buddy. Eddie..we used to be friends...I was at your and Jakes bar please don't say that you didn't know be before that damn contest. And to suggest that I am an alt of Ammons'....well that is just plain wrong... and you have no basis for saying that. Plus, I am much better looking...have MUCH better grammer.....and spell allot better...LOL
[21:15] Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.
[21:29] Doc Spad: I have no beef with you....never did... and I'm sorry that all those people are saying such rude and mean things about you on the blogs......all I wanted to do...was make my case. I hope that what people are saying in those blogs isn't true about you....when we hung out at the were fun and blast to be around... and your gallery was awesome..... I'd like to remember that Eddie and hope that he is still around. For me, SL has been a place for me to connect to people in a way that has broadened my perspective, helped me be more tolerant....and appreciate people from all over the REAL world. And I truly feel that THIS world can and will become a model for us all on how we might live more peacefully in the REAL world. Why don't we both strive for that Eddie, and put this crap behind us. of luck buddy and look for the goodness in people......there's a lot of it here.....if we can just quell our own demons....

Even though Eddi didn't resond we know the truths and his cruel intentions. Most importantly it says alot about his poor character and his own selfish ideals in Second Life at other people's expense.

Since the original post we have had 17 people with similar stories against Mr. Haskell. inVd emailed each of them back and asked permission to run them at our discretion in future posts and they all agreed to yes.

Monday, March 16, 2009

ShamCOCKS Revisited

Saturday at HnH was truly a night to remember! The new sim is AMAZING and so was the St Patrick's Day extravaganza !! That's right! It was NOT just an Event - it was ooooo much more. Nine hours of live DJs spinning the tunes .... and not just average DJs either !DJ Fauxy, DJ Romeo Reardon, DJ Mathieu Karlsbar, and DJ Kiki DeVinna, one after the other, took the stage and wound us up till we popped!

And, true to HnH standards, it was NOT your average event prize-wise either! A total of $50,000 (that's FIFTY THOUSAND!) in prizes, gift cards, and cash was given away - from some of the best places in SL including: Just For Him, Animations Rising, CDD, Rod's Clothiers, Reardon Ember, 2Xtreme, Mirco Dinzeo, inV Daily, Agape Shapes, Big T Thrifty, and Beck & Carter !

Island Projects and Fauxy Shepherd poured their hearts into making this event one that we will not soon forget! You guys ROCK !

Oh wait, isn't Easter next month? Holy egg salad Batman! I can't wait to see what these guys do for the Easter Party ! I'm marking my calendar now for the Saturday before Easter !! W0o0o0o0o0 Ho0o0o0o00 !~!!~!

Traffic 33,000+ of H'nH loyals.

Post by: Larz Beresford

Hot 'n Hung Entertainment Schedule - 2009

DJ KiKi - Mondays: 6pm

DJ Wil Grut - Tuesdays: 11am

DJ Markie Carter - Wednesdays: 11am

DJ Fauxy (The Gang Bang Show) - Wednesdays: 6pm

DJ Mirah - Thursdays: 8pm

DJ Larz - Fridays: 3pm

DJ ARS - Fridays: 5pm

DJ Romeo Reardon - Fridays: 7pm

DJ Mathieu Karlsbar - Saturdays: 4pm

DJ Mirah McGuire - Saturdays: 6pm

DJ Kiki DeVinna or DJ Larz Beresford and their Sinful Sunday Show - Sundays: 5pm

Sunday, March 15, 2009

DeVinna has IT

FORGET the stimulus package-DJ Kiki DeVinna has come to town!The superstar DJ took the gay community like Cher taking center stage in Bob Mackie at Cesar Palace in Las Vegas this week-end. Her IT factor has her in high demand these days. So what caught the gay's eyes and ears? You'll just have to see for yourself. "WE LOVE YOU KIKI" party goers screamed.

Monday Hot 'n Hung @6slt & Sundays Hot 'n Hung @ 5slt.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Eddi Haskell attacks a U.S. Veteran

(54)EDDI HASKELL: The out-of control compulsive liar reached his all time low this past week when he openly attacked a U.S. Veteran. The comment that sent outrage in the community.

"his story that he was a Marine in Iraq simply could not be true- you cannot play Second Life on a military base, and cannot tell people in Second Life you are an intelligence officer who just happens to be in the game for a bit of fun. It did not add up". Eddi Haskell said.

Doc Spad: I appreciate your support. . The only accusation that got under my skin was made by Eddie Haskel. He surmised that I wasn't a Marine. That "there was no way I could be in Iraq and be on the Internet". Well, Eddie, you are wrong!!! I've been in the Corps for 10 years, I serve proudly. In fact, being where I was in Iraq, I was lucky to have access to broadband and lucky that I discovered SL. It was a great diversion to the boredom. In Baghdad, there were no clubs or dance bars. SL gave me the opportunity to have fun with other people in a setting that was impossible in RL. I have met plenty of other service members in SL and some of them are here because I have introduced them to our virtual world.. I only hope that they have the same positive experience that I've had, and that they're unique perspective adds to all of us in SL.
To me, my Honor and integrity are everything!
NEVER question those qualities in a marine !

Doc Spad

We thought it would be good to run the entire interview of Doc. To clear up any false allegations of the inV contest as well. This is the original interview. A irresponsible blog owner and (54) Eddi didn't even have the decency to apologize to Doc Spad. We actually sat on this interview for a little while to see if they would and of course not.

Hey Doc.

I've included a few questions below for you to answer at your own convenience about what we discussed. We intend on incorporating them into an article about the matter on the blog sometime this week. Hopefully the questions cover the crux of the matter, but if you feel I've left anything, let me know. Talk soon Doc and thanks for taking the time to assist us with this.

inVd: Hi Doc, thanks for sitting down with us. Many will recall that you were a winner of one of the InVd Centerfold Contests last year. This was a legitimate contest, with fair rules and practise employed. However, several individuals with an axe to grind have called into question the legitimacy of the contest. Those several individuals have levelled accusations directly against you and us in regards to whether you winning the centerfold was genuine or not. What are your thoughts on these derogatory assertions being made?
Doc Spad: First of all...I don't think that most people really understand what type of contest this was. Let me remind people that in this contest people paid $L1 for each vote..and more importantly, the contestants themselves could vote!! Of course I wanted friends to vote for me..using their linden, but most of my votes were paid for by myself. This was the case for all of the top contestants.
The contest was designed to attract people with their own vanity and narcissistic desire. It worked. The last of the top winners were shoving money on the boards like crazy. For me, it seemed logical that as long as I won...i'd get the money I paid in back by winning the prize. At the very was just a matter of who added enough to get over the top before it ended. And it was a neck and neck horse race up to the last second or two.
I ended up spending more $L than I won...LOL...testimoney to my own vanity???

inVd: Have you contacted any of the individuals that are behind the accusations and if so, have they replied to your response?
Doc Spad: I'm enjoy SL... too much to get into the mud on this issue. I don't really know who these people are, with one exception. For that matter, most of what I've read, has been by anonymous individuals that don't have the guts to use their real name.

inVd: It's no secret that you are a US Marine serving your country and have recently served in Iraq and in the Far East. That commands the respect of everybody here at InVd and Im sure all of our loyal readers. As somebody who is serving their country as a troop and who enjoys spending some time in Second Life while away from duty, how does it feel to have these unfounded and unwarranted accusations being made about you?
Doc Spad: I appreciate your support. . The only accusation that got under my skin was made by Eddie Haskel. He surmised that I wasn't a Marine. That "there was no way I could be in Iraq and be on the Internet". Well, Eddie, you are wrong!!! I've been in the Corps for 10 years, I serve proudly. In fact, being where I was in Iraq, I was lucky to have access to broadband and lucky that I discovered SL. It was a great diversion to the boredom. In Baghdad, there were no clubs or dance bars. SL gave me the opportunity to have fun with other people in a setting that was impossible in RL.
I have met plenty of other service members in SL and some of them are here because I have introduced them to our virtual world.. I only hope that they have the same positive experience that I've had, and that they're unique perspective adds to all of us in SL.
To me, my Honor and integrity are everything!
NEVER question those qualities in a marine !

inVd: Finally to set the record straight and for the benefit of any doubt so that people can be left in no uncertain terms: was the InVd Centerfold Contest that you won last year rigged, were you given an unfair advantage of winning in any way and did you have any prior affiliation or improper contact about the contest with inVd before or during the contest?
Doc Spad: I had met Ammon at some of the bars and Edith as well. As far as any unfair advantage? No. The only unfair advantage to this contest was that people that had money to spend on it (and were crazy enough to spend it...LOL), had an advantage.
And as far as inV is concerned? From they're perspective, I'm sure thay made $L. I have no problem with them making money...every contest in SL, like this, is designed to make money for the sponsor. The only victims in this contest were people like me, that were vain enough to think they could win. We all knew we were "buying" any victory. I was just lucky enough to be the last one to throw $L into the pot before the contest board closed.

inVd: Doc, thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us and clearing the false rumors. You are a true brave hero and courageous in serving your country the way that you do. I believe that I can safely say that on behalf of the readers and staff here at inVd, we respect you and what you do tremendously and thank you for your bravery and in protecting our liberty and making the world a safer place. God Bless you.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


What if you could buy age, Would you? Apparently now you can according to an email inVd received. A group of highly intelligent IT students from around the world had an idea to market AGED ALTS. According to the email they are here and there is no stopping them now. Whats the price tag on Age? They come with a hefty price tag starting at 75k-250K. They come in at a minimum of 3-12 months in age and they all come with a different ip. As fast as they are being sold they are being born maturing. Whether you approve or disapprove they are here. How will we ever know who is who? "Isn't that the beauty of our second lives not knowing" aged said in his last sentance.

inVd was sent this information by email
We don't know if it is true but it is interesting thought.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

ShamCOCKS on the beach


6pm - DJ Romeo Reardon

8pm - DJ Mathiew Karlsbar

10pm - DJ Kiki DeVinna

Over 50K in gifts and prizes

5K costume prize(Best in Green)

5K in sploaders per show

Special Sponsors for this evening

Hot 'n Hung, Animations Rising, CDD Designs, Just For Him Clothing, Rods Clothiers, 2Xtreme, Reardon Ember Designs, Tees That Teeze, inVd, Agape,Big T Thrifty, Beck & Carter, Island and Fauxy

and a special thank you to Echo Douglas for the party promos

Sunday, March 8, 2009

"What should Jordyn Carnel Do?"

JORDYN CARNEL: Probably should hang up his pixel shirt. These days Carnel is left embarrassed with his tail between his legs. His monthly REZ DAY PARTIES are a HUGE FLOP. Attendance levels are so LIMP and it isn't going unnoticed. What should Jordyn Carnel Do? "Maybe he should change the Party to Picnic" people are saying. Carnel is notorious for just hype and sniffing Slebrity butts. Club owners are realizing the MONTHLY REZ DAY PICNICS offer very little in promotions for themselves. "A lot of wasted time and energy" a club owner said. inVd sent a ghost to his last monthly Rez Day Picnic and they found the crowd was around 11 and they left in disappointment. "I've seen more people squeeze into a NY cab" inVd ghost #1 said laughing hysterically. "YAWNS" inVd ghost #2 said.

Please note we mispelled his last name

We do hear you!

Jason and I would personally like to thank you for the overwhelming emails to We feel if you take the time to write to us then we will also respond. Joining us this week will be Cole Sirnah helping us answer emails. If we still find ourselves overwhelmed we will be considering a third party to handle all of inVd's mail. Keep them coming we love hearing from you.

Friday, March 6, 2009


BIG PAINE IN THE ASS! Syriana Paine is every club owners worst PAINE! She's got them speeding away like professional NASCAR drivers! Her delusional diva DJ attitude is leaving club owners small crowds these days with a big price. Pain's behind the scenes club politicking are biting her in the ass and leaving her DJ schedule with large gaps. "She was driving business away," #1 club owner said. "She is shelf ass" #2 club owner added. The truth is, she is making a lot of people uncomfortable who only want to have a good time. At inVd we hear she is being fired all over the place and more is on the way. She is "only nice for one thing, the Lindens", #3 club owner wanted to finally add. These days it looks like Paine has only lint and mints in her pixel purse.

This past month inVd had paid a noobie to go and tip 25L to Paine and she didn't even say thank you. He immediately asked her to play a song and she also didn't respond. We can only hope for next time.

Approved by 3 club owners before releasing.

WE LOVE IT!! applause applause

WE NEED AIR: I and Ammon never laughed so hard in our second lives. We just wish we could give the the anonynous creator credit for his creativity and being being highly imaginative. We really hope for a sequel in the future and maybe next time a bit longer. HEHE anyone spending their days following, thinking, blogging, and making videos about us we find very chattering. Mission completed at inVd. You know you love us, admit it.

Jason and Ammon

more, more

Thursday, March 5, 2009


inVd WEATHER ISLAND PARTY. On March 03, Jason and I decided to throw a early spring break get together at Weather Channel Island. It was Radical dudes! 45 slebrities attended in high spirits. I spotted fashions of Redgrave, the Zoo, CDD, Valiant, Armidi and SF designs amongst the most fashionable crowd. Ice skating, sledding, snowboarding and the other other cold weather activities are a great way to get together and have a blast. By the end of the party some of us were all little sloshed and we felt like an avalanche occurred on our screens. Good times and hi5 spring breakers 09.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Store of the week! AITUI

Designer of AITUI, Jesseaitui Petion, has been one of my personal favorites in cutting-edge SL fashion for quite a while. AITUI has been ranking tops among SLebrities for having designs that are not only wearable but have a distinct edge and flair. At any given time, you can find some of the top names in SL browsing Jesseaitui's latests creations. His boutiques are filled with everything you need to go from one of the crowd to something more uniquely you. From sexy skins and tattoos to a phenomenal range of clothing and accessories, AITUI has got you covered. Be sure to visit his unforgettable flagship store to discover for yourself the reason AITUI is a brand gracing the bodies of the hottest avatars in SL.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


EDDIE HASKELL-is hauling out trash filled garbage bags! So many emails and Ims are coming in agreeing with the post THE CURSE OF HIMSELF. (54) Eddi Haskell's is now forever named trash bag. The desperate Eddi begs anyone to dump his junk on, explaining he's paranoid that people know he is lying and is caught. NEWS FLASH Eddi your last ditch effort to LIE failed and people know. Everyone knows your hateful demenor in our second lives. The rock bottom delusional Eddi who traded his rl for an sl life these days and will do anything to preseve his self suicide name Eddi Haskell. "He definetly HIT ROCK BOTTOM and there is no recovery" friends of Eddi's are saying. Now he is attacking verterans and supporting homophobics. Pixel soy lattes and people trusting you are over but look on the bright side you have rl and your right hand. THERE IS SUCH A THING REAL LIFE AND REAL SEX!!!!!

I will persoanlly answer all your emails.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


SELF DESTRUCTING! Eddi Haskell seemed to be destined for his publicly made meltdown. His social career eventually stalled, due in no small part to his escalating binge to lie and creating a path of destruction to harm Innocent people. " I was really messed up" admits Eddi, "Everybody tried to get me to stop." an insider said. Still reeling from the sudden disappearance of his ex Javier Waydelich and later calling Javier's rl job threatening him and his place of employment, being involved in the club wars, insisting on ruining his ex Jake business, revealing rl nudes of Aiddyn McCullough another ex without consent and spreading around his rl health issues forcing him to eventually leave sl, confessing to creating a hate blog against Ammon Pera and Jason Feingold, threatening the staff of inV, threatening people with the rl police in sl, spreading numerous people's rl info and list continues and continues-Eddi hit rock bottom. Friends are very concerned and don't see him ever recovering from his own self destruction. FROM HIGH TIMES TO ROCK BOTTOM!

Javier created a 3rd life shortly after his mysterious disappearance to resume a happy sl without Eddi, Javier told inV earlier this month "Eddi drove me crazy and there was no other choice but for me to leave".

Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Pink Linden is born

A PINK LINDEN! is what inVd likes to call him. As many of us know who he is we'll not divulge his name in the daily. This week we had the privelage and fun of helping him turn into the sexiest Linden alive. Nothing was over looked eyes, skin, shape, hair, clothes, clothes and more clothes. We figured it's not everyday a PINK LINDEN is born who happens to be a friend. I did tell him "I like my LV luggage more but he was close." giggling.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

A glimpse into what you missed

THE SIM WAS PACKED! Owner/DJ Fauxy had raving reviews last evening by the gay community. The new sim was built by Animations Rising owner/Ceo H'n H Island Projects left people breathless. Words used throughout the evening were "beautiful", "amazing", "fabulous", and "gorgeous." If you haven't been to Hot'n Hung then you are definitely missing out. They house the best entertainment known in second life by the biggest names in Dj's as well as shopping. Get out your pink lindens. But you have to be male, sorry ladies.

GAY MEN GALORE! Just to name a few people who attended the 2 hr. preview of the New H'n H sim. Island Projects, Shayne Blaylock, Fauxy Shepherd, Ziad Zhangsum, Kripas DeSantis, Joyd Beck, Dar Writer, MikeMaximov, Mojo Gartle, Steven Whalen, Brent Digfoot, Florizel, Despres, Steel Spad, Cannon Atlass, Mykel menges, Romeo Reardon, Regi Yifu, Unearth Graves, Kiki DeVinna, Larz Beresford, and people continued coming and coming.

If you missed the preview don't worry. Fauxy has you covered.

Friday a Hot n Hung exclusive VIP tag all day party. If you do not have a tag you may IM Fauxy or Island to receive yours. The itinerary will include:

Friday Entertainment includes:
3pm SLT - FLO Cale
5pm SLT - DJ Ars MC
7pm SLT - DJ Romeo Reardon
9pm SLT - DJ Mirah McGuire

On Saturday (02/28), the HnH Resort sim will be open to the public at 8am SLT. The party continues non-stop all day.

Saturday Entertainment includes:
8am SLT - DJ Arcangello
10am SLT - DJ Ars MC
12pm SLT - DJ Romeo Reardon
2pm SLT - DJ Mirah McGuire
5pm SLT - DJ Fauxy Shepherd

They hope to see you there and many thanks to Fauxy for providing gay males a safe and beautiful place to come together. Isn't this what Sl is all about, having fun!

and it's safe to drink the water here

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Looks like congrats are in order for Emperor Wolf Hoffnung and and now Empress Tonya Petrov! The regal wedding was on Sunday the 15th held on their exclusive private sim. Last month "Wolf let his family know he was very much in love and found his Empress." an insider tells inVd. He asked them for her hand and they gave their blessings!" It was a Japanese. a Shinto ceremony following with wedding Saki! says insider. おめでとうございます! to the Emperor and Empress.

Monday, February 23, 2009

MEDIA MOGUL, seen leaving Starbucks

It's a Shady day! Rusch Raymaker/ owner of the prestigious Avenue Models Academy and Editor-in-Chief of the most popular Avenue monthly magazine was spotted near her London flat on Feb 23rd leaving Starbucks. Raymaker was wearing her infamous dark shades and walking her Great Dane. Raymaker has been noted for having the most impeccable taste in ladies fashion. With just her simple nod of approval is what every designer hopes and looks for from this fashionista.It has been said the busy Media Mogul rarely smiles because she has a fear of wrinkles.

Click for LM to House of Avenue Models & info

The exclusive HOT 'n HUNG interview

On April 1st, HnH (Hot 'n Hung) Resort will be three years old. This hallmark venue for gay men's entertainment has certainly stood the test of time. We all have seen clubs come and go but HnH continues to be a place where human and non-human alike flock to have fun. Under the direction of Fauxy Shepherd, the club has remained a thriving hot-spot of activity and excitement. Fauxy's unique perspective and boundless energy are contagious. Just spending a few moments with him, you come to see how a simple gathering place has grown to become an integral part of SL's gay community. His genuine love of the community and deep desire to provide a safe haven that is both enticing and exciting are unmistakable.

This weekend though, HnH Resort has something special in store for all of us. Fauxy Shepherd has teamed up with his Master, Island Projects, co-owner of Animations Rising and reknowned sim builder, to take HnH Resort to an amazing new level. InV had the honor and fortune of touring the new sim that will be home to this landmark complex. We met with Fauxy and Island on the tropical island home to see exactly what's in store. This tropical paradise is the result of Island's painstakingly detailed rendition of Fauxy's vision with his own creative flair and touches. From the moment you enter, you feel as if you truly have entered something special.

"We wanted this to capture the true spirit of HnH - a place where there is no inhibition, where there is something for everyone," Island told us as we gazed up at the massive five-tiered waterfall that crowns this island jewel.

As we wandered through the jungle forrest, full of enticing suprises, Fauxy simplified the reason for HnH's success. "HnH is known for the friendliness of it's crowds...not a cliquey place. It's a place where gay men - human and furry - can come dance, shop, play games or just hang out and explore all the hidden surprises." From the Yiffy Forrest to the grand dungeon, it was obvious that on this island paradise anything is possible and fun is a given. From pristine beaches to crystal blue relaxing pools, the new HnH resort is more than just a nightclub: it is an all-encompassing resort full of possibilities.

On Friday (02/27), the new HnH Resort will be open to HnH VIP group members for the whole evening during a spectacular VIP Preview Party. It will be a party you won't soon forget.

Friday Entertainment includes:
3pm SLT - FLO Cale
5pm SLT - DJ Ars MC
7pm SLT - DJ Romeo Reardon
9pm SLT - DJ Mirah McGuire

On Saturday (02/28), the HnH Resort sim will be open to the public at 8am SLT. The party continues non-stop all day.

Saturday Entertainment includes:
8am SLT - DJ Arcangello
10am SLT - DJ Ars MC
12pm SLT - DJ Romeo Reardon
2pm SLT - DJ Mirah McGuire
5pm SLT - DJ Fauxy Shepherd

The Shops house some of the most amazing designers and creators; including...

Animations Rising, Rod's Clothier, Tees That Teeze, Bully's Tattoos & Clothing, X Tees, F2 Fashions For Men, The Golden Thorn, The Reardon Ember Collection, BigT Thrifty, b.o.i '500'3 Cothing, Gay and the City Art Shop, SK Designs, Basic Designs, JUST FOR HIM, Mirco Dinzeo Underwear, Sensual Man Art Gallery, 2Xtreme and Beck and Carter Fashions for Men

You can do a quick costume change without ever leaving the sim. Talk about convenience! Island whisked us up a tree to a fantastic treehouse with panoramic views of the island below. Just another prime example of the level of detail and thought that went into the new resort's creation.

Island paused to gaze over the railing and summed it up nicely. "To me...this is paradise." As we looked out onto what is sure to become one of the hotspots for the gay community, Island pointed out just how devoted Fauxy has been to the concept and growth of HnH. "You know, Fauxy does so much of this out of pocket. For both of us, this is about bringing people together and providing a safe place for guys to come meet new people and enjoy old friends." With an entertainment lineup like HnH's and such a stellar build, you realize that this is truly a labor of love. There will be something going on just about everyday.

Voted the best entertainment on one beach

MONDAYS - DJ Blaze Brocco - 4pm SLT
TUESDAYS - DJ Wil Grut - 11am SLT
WEDNESDAYS - DJ Markie Carter - 11am SLT
DJ Fauxy & The GangBang with inV and Mall
Sponsors - 6pm SLT
FRIDAYS - DJ FLO Cale (Alternative Show) - 3pm SLT
DJ ARS - 5pm SLT
DJ Romeo Reardon - 7pm SLT
DJ Mirah McGuire - 9pm SLT
SATURDAYS - DJ Arcangelo (Trance & House) - 9am SLT
DJ Matthieu Karlsbar - 2pm SLT

This is only a part of what you will find when you visit HnH Resort. There is always something fun in the works and a party just waiting to happen. "HnH demanded growth. We just needed to stretch our wings from the quarter sim we once emcompassed to really be able to bring something special to all the amazing people who have supported us over the years and the new friends we have yet to meet," Fauxy remarked as we wrapped up our tour. This dynamic duo has taken one of our favorite landmarks and transformed it into an environment that you will undoubtedly love as much as we do. Come join us this weekend to take part in something amazing and find a new home away from home in a tropical island paradise that you may never want to leave. We look forward to seeing you all there!

(Special note from Fauxy Shepherd to Island Projects)
"Thank you for creating the most magnificent sim. Without you, I could NOT have done this. All of this is due to your brilliance and for that you have my undying respect, gratitude and love." - Fauxy

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Todd Borst/owner of XD FUSION. Some top fashion designers have been recently quoted saying " No outfit is complete without the help of Todd Borst". His small shop packs a punch in variety of shoulder pets from Mean Kitten - chubby Hamster. Wether your dressing up or dressing down you'll take center stage with these pets. Jason Feingold was recently spotted shopping there picking out the Friendly Little puppy to accessorize this 09. "Whats better than a little PUPPY LOVE" he told store reps as he drove off in his Maserati.